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Advance PHP training in Faridabad, Best training on PHP in Faridabad Provided by Code-Lipi InfoTech, Faridabad. Our training program is based on the need for industry. We commit IT trainings in every technology that helps students to get best industry environment to enhance skills. Code-Lipi InfoTech offers best PHP training in Faridabad, We are one of the best outcome arranged PHP Training centre in Faridabad. We offer best for all intents and purposes, test information in PHP training in Faridabad. At Code-Lipi InfoTech, PHP training is led by well-experienced industry experts. Code-Lipi InfoTech Faridabad is giving fundamental and propelled level of PHP Training in Faridabad. PHP training in Faridabad at Code-Lipi is provided with live activities with 100% career-oriented opportunities in top corporations.

Key features of PHP  Training in Code-Lipi InfoTech:

  1. Live Project Based Training.
  2. Job-Oriented Course Curriculum.
  3. Course Curriculum is approved by Hiring Professionals of our client.
  4. Design POC (Proof of Concept): This process is used to ensure the feasibility of the client application.
  5. Post Training Support will help the student to implement the knowledge of client Projects.

Code-Lipi InfoTech Advance PHP Training Map

1. WordPress, 2. Joomla, 3. Magento, 4.Drupal

*For B.Tech/MCA Industrial Training: Project Synopsis/Project for College Submission/Industrial Training Certificate.



Q: Why PHP is best in Web Development?

PHP is a language that is specifically designed for web programming with built-in integration with the most popular open source database MySQL.

Q: Why is PHP used?

PHP is a general-purpose scripting language that is especially suited to server-side web development, in which case PHP generally runs on a web server. Any PHP code in a requested file is executed by the PHP runtime, usually to create dynamic web page content or dynamic images used on websites or elsewhere
Advance Php(CMS)

1. WordPress, 2. Joomla, 3. Magento, 4.Drupal

Expert Topics(Frameworks)

1. Cake PHP, 2. Code Igniter, 3. Symfony, 4. Zend

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